I write this blog entry in english because there are few M1078 in Europe, and I think it’s useful also for english speaking people. The M1078 comes out of factory without any rear or front axle locker. It’s not really a problem because with the CTIS we have a great tool to handle the right pressure for the tires. My experience is that with the right pressure in the tires it’s like a locker, but anyway…

I decided to order a detroit locker from Bryce Wasielak, he is on Facebook and very professional! It took 2 weeks from the first contact to delivery. After 1 week the locker was in my hands.

The installation on the rear axle is not very tricky, but you need to have some special tools. First of all I follow the great video of Sean Fillner on youtube. It’s great and helped me a lot! Important is that you measure the backlash and remember the position of the kingpin nuts.

I use the following special tools:

  • TigerTools u-joint puller. Works great, price is high…
  • 18 mm impact nut for differential chase and spider screws
  • 14 mm impact spline nut to open the capscrew screws

To tighten the screws I use a torque wrench and the service manual of Meritor axles. Of course all screws are fixed with Loctite, high torque glue.

When you remount the differential in the pumpkin, before putting sealant, be sure that the diff is perfectly (!!!!) in line with the pumpkin. Otherwise you’re not able to push it in completely! try it several times to push and pull, be sure that will go in without problems. Only after use sealant and remount it.

Finally remount axleshafts and drivetrain.